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I use mine as a daily driver. So far, so good. I have had the following:

1. Trunk does not close, adjusted by dealer, new pin
2. Some recalls done during the 6000 mile service (fuel line, steering bolts, etc.)
3. Rattle, audible at idle. Cat shields got tightened, rattle still there
4. Low batt light, went away with driving the car
5. Parking brake was engaging on last click, adjusted
6. Nav system software issues, still troubleshooting, might need factory CDs, on backorder from selling dealer

Overall, nothing major, but I have only put on a 1000 miles so far. I have owned an M6, a 318ti, and have test driven the M Roadster before I purchased my Boxster, and the other repsonders are right, there is no comparison. For me, it is the craftmanship, the exclusivity, and the styling that sets is apart. BMWs are very competent dynamically. When it comes to reliability, BMW and Mercedes slipped quite seriously as of late, so you are not going to be in a completely different zone with the Maser. As long as you are not expecting a Camry...
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