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The perfect Quattroporte

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I don't know how many QP are on this board. What changes do you want for the next/updated QP? My list:

1. slightly more power (but that will be always in my lists) - looking out for the 470hp version :)
2. Better F1 gearbox especially in stop-and-go traffic and auto-mode also easier on the clutch
3. very long 6th gear or even better a long 7th gear for those long highway trips at steady speed (get gasoline consumption / motor wear down)
4. better brakes
5. Navigation improvement - best a touchscreen a la TomTom (very easy user's interface!) with a memory slot to upload your own points-of-interests (like fixed speed traps ;-) )
6. the comfort seats are too expensive for what they offer - improve masage/adaptive function or better offer also only heated/ventilated seats at a discount (heating/ventilating works fine)
7. more stowing space in cabin (where does one put their sunglasses, coins, remotes etc)
8. less motor sound insulation / louder exhaust: want to hear it more or better with exhuast valves so one can choose
9. upgrade air-conditioning
10. bluetooth! Don't need another phone just a good bluetooth connection for my phone

and some minor ones:
11. replace reverse handle by button a la Ferrari (I am afraid I'll pull it off one day...but where to leave my sunglasses without it?)
12. Launch control?
13. Race setting? Even more lenient than sport but MSP not completely off...
14. start button...

leave the rest as it far my favourite car. By the way some of the above was addressed by the Sport GT. Waiting for a full review by Mark....
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everything above. JGT knows his QP. 1,2,3 are really needed.
(4. the brakes are quite okay actually)

- slightly larger trunk (at least 2 full size samsonite)
- a little more weighted steering feel
- smaller steering wheel
- heated seat and comfort seat controls where you can see it (or hidden but you can actually see what you are controlling)
- less erratic air con system
- B&O ICE option, no bose please.
- okay, Ipod or video Ipod integration...
- more legroom in rear.
- more choice of color options (just kidding).
toffe, my mute button works without static. may be you should get it checked.

anyone wants a stiffer feel to the suspension? on my 05 with sports package and sports mode on, the car doesn't roll much in corners but it still feels 'floaty'.
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