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...(or gal) to be P.C.

we all like cars and i remember a post recently about other hobbies

i am equally enthusiastic about: Fine Watches, Wine, Food, Electronics, Travel, and of course new undiscovered sexual positions etc. etc. hahaha

Is there any way for people to meet from maserati Forum ???
any way to organize a meet (every 2 years or something)
weekend in vegas??? winter in minnesota ???

i know i know we all want to bring our cars maybe we bring photos
i dunno.
is this as social as we can get?

the kid

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I live in the phoenix area. Let me know if anyone is here I can show you the way or give my take on how to have a good visit here.


No kids no wife etc I am young and in the mortgage biz (no I dont run a shady subprime broker shop!) I enjoy weightlifting and armwrestling. I would like to get into it very serious here. I used to be a great golfer when I was younger in my teens but I play maybe 4 rounds a year if I have time. I guess I cannot play golf for fun (golf got to the point where it wasnt fun) thats why I dont play much but will have a few drinks and play if someone asks.

I love history esp WW2 and German weapons etc

and of course chasing skirts too and drinking!

I would like to get into track bikes (get a sport bike just for the track)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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