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The 1st to 2nd mystery shift for the manual owners? Did I solve it?

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Ok; so I posted that this is driving me nuts; I have had the car 6 weeks, so today I pull out into the neighborhood and begin to experiment; well many of you know that the 5th to 6th gear is awkward too right? and many of you agreed with me that it is down,to the RIGHT and back! Well...I did that today on the 1-2, 1st,down, to the LEFT and back; yes it has to be quick but stopping at the neutral spot for a second and then OVER to the left and DOWN...slips in with NO made sense to me if it worked for 5-6 to the right I would reverse the process on the other side of the stick; I still am taking her in for an adjustment but this seems to be a huge improvement, thnx for the "finger" tip and not palming too, somone posted that....let me know folks! Dogdoc
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Most sticks will give you a smoother shift from 1->2 if you do it with a slight pause at neutral, as opposed to just jamming it in. It allows the synchro to do its job.
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