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The saga -- I had an aftermarket radio that was in my '05 GS replaced by a local stereo shop (good reputation) with another aftermarket radio, an Alpine. From that time on, my speedo (and odometer and skyhook suspension) hasn't worked. The installer talked to the local Mas dealer, who thought it may be a problem with the speedo. He replaced the speedo (no cost to me), but to no avail. This suggested the problem was with the stereo installation.

I take the car back to the stereo shop next week. They are amenable to trying to find the problem.

If anyone knows any specifics about this problem, it would be very helpful to show up at the stereo shop with information. For example, what wire(s) connect to the head units of Mas stereos that relate to speed sensing?

Any help would be most appreciated. Thanx! :)
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