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Wanted to get some feedback from people who have test-driven both the QP and GT. Unfortunately, in Korea, the dealer won't let me test-drive a GT, because every GT that has come in has been sold right away. However, he did give me the keys to a 2008 QP and said to have fun and come back in 2 hours. Needless to say, I ripped up the streets of Seoul, including a winding-twisting mountain-side road.

I was actually surprised at how "heavy" the QP felt. I bought my wife a Lexus GS430 last year, and honestly, I think the Lexus can take the QP. For those who have test-driven both the QP and GT, does the GT have considerable more "bite" in accelaration? Or is it only a tad-bit better?
I'm worried...
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