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Tach Fluctuates on Start-Up

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Has anyone else had a problem on start-up with the tach rapidly fluctuating. It doesn't happen often, but occasionally when I start the car the tach rapidly fluctuates between 500 and 2500 and then settles down. Sometimes it jumps to 2500 and drops to 0 and stalls. I am going to have to bring it in, but I was curious if anyone else had that problem, it might save me a couple days in the shop if I can tell them what the problem might be. Thanks
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Engine Fluctuates

The engine fluctuates. It's just for a couple of seconds, but sometimes on the downward fluctuation it goes to 0 and stalls. As I mentioned it might only do this once a week. The rest of the time the engine starts fine and idles at 1000.
How often are you starting\driving the car? I know ours fluctuate, but don't stall, when they haven't been started in a week or so. Usually on the higher side of idle though. Is it setting off a check engine light when it does it, or just dying and then restarting normally?

- Mark
It's in the shop now and they are trying to figure it out. I drive it daily. None of the warning lights go on, it just jumps to about 2500 down to zero and dies. Then is starts normally, goes right to about 1000 and idles steadily.
Sounds like a quirk to me. I'm interested to know what it ends up being. Keep us updated.

- Mark

Due to hurricane Katrina and other reasons my GS has been in the garage since last tuesday (6 days), probably its longest idle yet.

Took it out this morning and the first 2 or 3 miles were unusually rough, at a stop sign I thought it was going to stall.

Corrected itself afterwards but thought it was weird, never had it be this rough before.

So these things just don't like to sit? <g>

the same thing happened to me on Saturday night. I live in the Bay Area as you do and wonder if it is something in the gas??

I was at a stop light, the radio was on, I decided to turn on the Heater/blower, the car all of a sudden revved to 2500 or so, and would have lunged forward had i not had my foot on the brake.....

I turned off the blower, shut down the radio and the problem has not occured since....

I have noticed the car slightly revving when stopped at other times (maybe to 1000rpm).....I had thought it was my foot cradling the brake/accelerator before reading your post.....since then, I made a mental note when the minor revving occured to take note of my foot, and it is clearly on the brake, not the accelarator

please keep us informed what they determine
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These really are strange cars. Mine has never done it once the car is started, only on initial start-up. Right now it's in the shop, again. They are replacing the entire gearbox. I am curious to know if others have had to have a gearbox replaced.
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