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Swapped my 456 for a GS

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Merry Christmas to all. I swapped my Ferrari 456 yesterday for a GS and I couldn't be happier. Performance is better, ride is better and the car draws a lot more attention. The sound from the car as you downshift to the red light is out of this world!

Driving the thing this morning back and forth to the store for one more item for the Christmas dinner was never so much fun. A little Rod Stewart Italian Girls on the stereo and a beautiful 66 degree December morning made it that much better.

Pics attached.

All the best,


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Very nice, great color combo!
nice. am sure there are plenty of roads in TX where you can open it up :D
I love the color! Congratulations on your purchase.
Hi mmrankin - i think i saw u on F-chat before...

and you know what, i did the same thing as you... i m now waiting for mine...

patiently... ;)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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