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Just had a 5 year (70Km) service on the 2002 CC coupe.
Was surprised (shocked!) to have to replace rear suspension "lower arms".
Story from dealer is that these are "prone to wear" and although only the bushes need replacing they are only available from Maserati as complete lower suspension arms.

Anyone else vouch for the dealer story here?
(mileage is 42.5K miles which I realise is a bit more than most "polishers" have been doing!)

Not saying it's impossible but I"ve got 50k + on my 2002 Spyder with no sign of problem from the rear - did have a bad front shock, indicated by skyhook idiot light, requiring replacement of both (they don't recommend replacing just one side) @ 51k. They had to ship them over from Italy so it took a couple of weeks and $3k to fix.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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