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I pulled my 06 GS into the garage, got out, and set the alarm. I went into the kitchen, and put some food in the microwave (which incidentally is mounted on the wall that adjoins the garage). 30 seconds into the cook cycle, my alarm goes off. WTF.

I played with everything to make sure I wasnt nuts. Leaving the alarm on and not cooking.... nothing. Turning the alarm off and cooking.... nothing. Turn alarm on and hit the go button on the microwave... wait 30 sec, and jackpot, the alarm wails.

I called the dealer yesterday. Feeling like a total tool, I describe the situation.
What do you know? Theyve heard of the problem!!!!!!!


How bout this one...

Car has 150 miles on it. When starting the car the stereo emits a strange wave-like sound as it powers up. Only happens on start-up. Once the car is started, if you turn the stereo power off, then on again, no strange sound....

Dealer has been great so far... ill keep u posted.

Any thoughts :confused:
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