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What does everyone recommend ? What gap size should we be using ?


I would go for Denso Iridium Power. Check

If you ask because the annual service, and need oil, I would really recommend Silkolene Pro S 5w-40. Expensive, but great. Alternatively, go for Motul full synthetic 300V Power 5w-40 (also not cheap). Bin the likes of Shell, Total, Selenia, AGIP, Mobil,...

Just my 2c.

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The title of your post reminded me of the famous joke:

A man walks into an auto parts store and asks the guy at the counter:

"I'd like a set of spark plugs for my Hyundai".

The guy thinks for a few seconds, and responds:

"OK, that sounds like a fair trade...".


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Or alternatively..

...the chap who could tell a spark plug by sticking them up his bum.

One particularly large one from a truck went up and he said "oooh Champion !"

Has to be said with a north of England accent and will probably lose a little in transatlantic translation ;)
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