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Good day everybody,

Just to inform you that, after this fabulous weekend in Italia, I have decided to make a souvenir book with the best pictures I took during this event.
This is the first book of the new collection launch by maseratitude.

This book contain 64 pages of pictures, text from Maseramo (member of Maseratitude).

All the text are in French, Italian and English.

Format: 29,7 x 21,0
Nb of pages: 64
Binding: hardcover
Cover: Rigid

Even if this is not the final book (it miss all the text of Maseramo) you can download the pdf sample HERE to have a better idea about it. Don't worry, there is a big mistake in the title page "PIAZA ROMA" and of course it must be "PIAZZA ROMA" with two "Z"

You can send the purchase order by post to the address mentioned or by email to this email address: [email protected]

The price is 49,00 euro without shipment

All the books ordered will be ship to each by feedex or DHL and the price of the shipment is not set at this time.

Clic here to download the sample of the book in pdf

Click here to download the purchase order, the reference is L1

RESERVATIONS ARE OPEN UNTIL THE 10th of NOVEMBER ONLY, the order must be confirm by payment.

The books will be ship current November.

Thank you

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