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some help on some upgrade..ECU/TUBI/Intake??

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i found a link on ebay for an ECU upgrade. they say 30hp/70tq its like 435hp/408tq... its by eurotech? is it any good? worth it? they have 100% feedback on ebay..

also, they said they sell Tubi exhaust? any idea on prices of normal Tubi exhuasts? their prices are "not inflated"..whats the $$$???

lastly, they said they sell intake kits? is this worth buying?

so can anyone tell me the normal prices of these 3 items?

thanks guys, appreciate all the help!

also, any links to vids of a maserati with the Tubi exhaust. im dying to hear what it sounds like!!!

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I believe a member posted a video of their Maserati with a Tubi on it. If I find the topic I'll post a link to it here. Do a search for tubi and you'll probably find it for sure.

I would highly recommend calling Brian at 800-424-0750, he works for Beverly Hills Auto Design and would be able to get you the Tubi. As a sponsor of the site he might also give you a better deal since you are a Maserati Forum member.
thanks for the links guys. vid is downloading as i speak.

as for the ECU tune, does anyone have any experience with this? is it worth it?

thanks again...

Edit: MAN that Tubi sounds sick!!! i think i may have to get my dad to buy that too!!! thanks again for the link!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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