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Hey guys - I recently sold my 2013 Granturismo (still very sad about it), so I have a couple of parts lying around. The parts and prices are listed below. While nobody likes being low-balled, I won't be offended if you message me with offers below the prices listed here.

1. One brand new driver side wiper blade (it has the spoiler attached to it). The part number is 67264800. I believe it fits most Granturismos, QPs, and some Ferraris even. Price: $80 OBO + shipping.

2. Two used OEM xenon (HID) bulbs (D1S, 35W). The part number is 900028015. Please note that one of them is Philips and the other one is Osram (one of them is newer but I'm not sure which one). However, there's no noticeable difference in color to the naked eye. Price: $40 for both bulbs OBO + shipping.

3. *SOLD * One gently used Bovee 1000 Wireless Bluetooth Music Interface Adapter. If you don't know already, this is used to stream music from your smartphone to the Granturismo. I'll also include the OEM Maserati media adapter cable at no charge. Price: $40 OBO + shipping.

4. One OEM car cover that fits the Granturismo. It's blue in color and has "Granturismo Sport" engraved to it. I have never used it while I owned the car and the previous owner seems to have never used it either. So, essentially it's in almost-new condition. The cover comes with the bag. New ones go for close to $300. Price: $200 OBO + shipping.





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