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I'm interested in 2 areas on the subject of software upgrades for the Coupe Cambio. The first is ECU flashing for power and torque. I know there's a few threads already posted here on the subject but I wasn't getting a clear picture what the options are (my fault I'm sure). I gather the main players look a bit like this:

1. EuroTek Designs Inc
2. DMSautomotive
3. Dimex tuning
4. Modena Tec
5. Formula Dynamics

It sounds like somewhere between 25-35 bhp gain is possible but I am trying to confirm if each of these options is genuinely a plug-in flash to the ECU without removing items and breaking warranties etc. I'll certainly talk to them individually to better understand but wondered if anyone knew the details already and had some recommendations?

I also need to clear up what the effects are that each company offer - at least one claims to optimize all the following ares: air/fuel ratio, ignition timing, fuel pressure AND the throttle response - do the others? The coupe could certainly do with a livelier response off the line....

The second upgrade area came up because I was asking the dealership if the GS and coupe transmission hardware are identical. It appears so. I've never driven the GS but by all accounts the shift is significantly better than my 2005 coupe. I'm then wondering if there is an option available to simply load the GS software which must be the difference in shifting performance. The dealership didn't know, had never been asked and I'm awaiting a reply. I doubt it's available, or if it is, costs a fortune...Anyone know?

What's not clear to me is whether the GS version is the best of the 2002 shift (fast but jerky) and the 2004 shift (smooth but slow) or is the GS reverting to the 2002 set up? Would seem to make sense that it combines speed and smoothness but I don't know. If it does I would consider upgrading it. Or does anyone know of an independent upgrade on offer by a 3rd party tuner relating to coupe transmissions and paddle shift?
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