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So Cal alternate to dealer for Maser routine service

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I found an alternate to a Maserati dealer for routine maintenance service.
I took my 02 Maserati Coupe to Eugenio's Ferrari Service. He has an amazing reputation in the Ferrari community for taking care of his customers. So I figured, "who better to service my Maserati".

He has an amazing understanding of Ferrari engines, that naturally transitions to the Maserati 4.2L. He performed a minor service; fluids, filters, routine inspections, and even gave the car back with a "shine".

I originally found Euginio's a few years ago, when I was using Google to locate someone to service my Ferrari 308 GT/4. So I am very happy to know that I can take both my Maserati and Ferrari to the same mechanic.
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F. Yu said:
Do you mind me asking how much that minor service cost?
I don't mind you asking. However - I treat my cars like children, and I ask for considerabley more than the service identifed in the owners manual.
(for example the 30K on my C5 Corvette included replacing F/R brakes, ALL fluids, the serpentine belt & tensioner, plugs, and fuel lines. - the service dept. thought I was out of my mind).

So, here is the link to his website and it includes his phone number.

You can discuss with him, the service and cost.
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