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Hi just joined,

I used to own a 7 litre AC428 Frua fastback that were renowned for overheating problems in the engine bay, getting very hot during summer as there was no way to remove it. However it was whilst I was recently going through an old thread on the AC Frua forum (link below) by Mark Anthony near the bottom, when I noticed his post below which was very interesting as I'd never heard of this before….

AC 428 owners experience?

"Maserati Ghibli (1968) and Ghia solved the excess under bonnet heating problem by adding large side vents behind the front wheel arch."

Does anyone hopefully have any pics or information on the Ghibli's side vents, and were there any problems with overheating year round as none of the suggestions in this long thread ever seemed to work.

Appreciate any feedback thanks….
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