I recently sold my 2008 QP. These sometimes very difficult to find Shop Manuals are for sale..

Shop Manual for 2006/2007 QP. And, a Shop Manual for 2008 QP. Each Manual surely has over a thousand pages and are very in depth with descriptions and pictures.

The 2006/07 Manual is stacked up in a box. I never took a look at it.
The 2008 Manual is 8 Binders of various sizes.

Anyone is more than welcome to examine them first before considering to buy them. I am not able to mail them as the USPS cost would probably be more than what I'm asking.

Both Manuals need to be sold together at the same time please. Asking $75.

I live near 107th Ave and Deer Valley Rd in Peoria, AZ. If interested please shoot me a text at (602) 319-3331 as I do not answer calls from unknown numbers. Or, feel free to shoot me an Email @ [email protected]