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Has anyone done it?
Sometime this year I'm planning on picking up a used GT MC Stradale. I'm pretty dead-set on a two-seater with the roll bar and racing seats with harnesses. I enjoy modifying & driving cars as it's my hobby, but this time around I'm looking to just buy one that's 'done' as it sits, and the only one that seems to fit the bill was not sold in the US or Canada. :thumbsdown: I also wouldn't mind the idea of owning a rare car. :nerd:

From a brief check, it appears I'll be in the ballpark of $5-8k to put it in my driveway, assuming the purchase price of around $80-90k USD.

I don't want to mess with the logistics of everything if I don't have to - I don't know what I'm doing, and I don't really have the time/patience to figure it all out. I am just wondering if there is a company that painlessly takes you from A-Z in the process.

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