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shifting on the cabiocorsa

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How is everyone shifting. :D

This is my first car with an f-1 shifter as I traditionally drove auto only.

Usually, around town, I will shift at around 3,500 rpms but lately, sometimes up around 5,000 range.

How would you guys, that have more f-1 experience, suggest I get the most out of the engine when driving more aggresively. Take it close to redline before each shift etc?

The other day i was on the freeway going about 70mph in 5th gear, downshifted twice and accelerated. Once I accelerated and the rpms aproached the 7,000 range, I shifted back up to a higher gear.
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I always drive with Sport mode for crisper shifting and for the great sound the downshift blips produce through the Tubi. :)

When driving 'normally', I use 4,200 RPM as the shift point. Sounds great to wind it up a bit.

For spirited driving, I take it right up to redline. Of course.

One neat feature you won't find on many other cars: Set the cruise at highway speed in 6th gear. Now hit the Down paddle -- unlike most other cars, the cruise control doesn't release. Definitely a kewl feature; when getting ready to pass, flip down a couple of gears and nail it! Thanks, Maserati...
shifting on the CC

I would normanlly shift around 3,000 to 4,000 rpm. To get smoother up shifting , I would rev the rpm up , up-shift and keep the foot paddle position for 1/2 a second before releasing the foot paddle. This takes some practice but I take it as a challange to make seamless up-shifing everyti :D :D me.
I, too, favor shifting at around 3500 to 4000 rpm in daily driving. For more spirited driving, the engine is much more responsive above the 5000 rpm range. So if you are flat-out accelerating (on a closed road, of course!) the best results will most likely be obtained if you shift around 6500 rpm or higher, as that will leave you in the fat part of the powerband in the next gear.

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