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Hi Haboozin,

I got a 11 GranTurismo S MC few weeks back, if you plan to keep the car for long time and don't care stamps with fancy garages on your service book, I suggest you do your service by yourself or your friend's garage.

Just prepare the parts, the labour takes max 1 hour. Minor service which is oil change only, it will cost your around 600 dhs to 900 dhs depends on which oil you choose. The filter is around 250 dhs, engine requires 9L of motor oil (lets take 10L for safe), this will cost your around 450 dhs if you went for 5w40, and 600-800 dhs if you went for 10w60 (which I recommend).

For 2-year service, aux belt is around 150 dhs, transmission oil/fluid is 380 dhs (F1 transmission for me, not sure about the ATF), air filter is around 550 dhs (BMC performance filter is around 600 dhs), pollen filter is around 350, power steerling and break fluid combined around 150 dhs max. 1700 dhs parts along is not that bad for a 2-year service.

I did all the works mentioned above, the easy ones at home and hard ones in friend's garage, cost me only 1200 dhs for labour, including some extra work for the car like serpentine belt, both engine mounts and a leak near transmission fluid reservoir.

I like ARM a lot and I've been servicing my boxster there for a long time, great value and knowledgeable staffs. But for Maserati I don't see myself going there.
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