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I'm in the market to purchase a 03-04 GT Coupe/Spider.... I own a BMW and service and repairs is inexpensive.... can someone tell me how much expensive it it is to own one of these beauties??

Oil Change?
Brake pad replacement?
Tune up?
Brake rotors?

I want to have an idea of what I am getting into, The local Ferrari dealer qouated me as follows:

Oil change: $250-300
Tune up: $2500-3500
Brake pads $2500...

Any comments are appreciated.

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What you listed is the "cheap" maintenance.

$1700-$2000 for minor service and complete fluid change/flush.
$4K(ish) for clutch replacement - considered a consumable as it will wear out quicker than you can imagine - applies to either CC or stick.
Pirelli PZero Rossas: 2 sets of rears/ 1 set of fronts every 10K-12K miles.

Example of a Non-consumable: Considering a Spyder? FMOC charged $10K for replacement of out-of-warranty 2002 top.

Generally, the dealers are the most expensive and one can significantly lower the price by going to a trusted independent. Or DIY for the easy stuff: Oil change, tires at local shop, brake pads, etc.

Ferrari people will tell you to have annual $5K set aside for maintenance - Masers are a bit cheaper - say $3.5K annually. YMMV depending on miles driven of course.

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Bcube is right on the money, pun intended.

By and large the three biggest issues are the tire wear, clutch system and maintenance. Tires are a compromise of performance-tread life, have the car aligned once a year and or with tire replacement if you drive alot, alot of times the alignment is off from the factory and could of never been rectified.

The State of the art Formula one technology "Cambiocorsa" system is prone to failure and rapid wear. If you follow the maintenance schedule in the owners manual and include maintenance of the cambiocorsa fluid and pump relay you will be okay.Clutch replacement is every 15k +/- 3k depending on the amount of abuse and integrity of the clutch actuation system.

Maintenance does run abit more frequent and is alot more involved (READ-EXPENSIVE) than a run of the mill production car. Follow the shedule to the T.
But the flipside is you are now driving one of the last handbuilt sports cars in the world AND it's an Italian (she's also alittle tempermental) Beauty WITH a Ferrari engine under the bonnet. These things don't run cheap if you know what I mean.

There are some real cool upgrades and modifications that can be done to further enhance your ownership, check out Jeff at Formula dynamics

Hope this helps, I would be curious if other members could outline or generalize cost to date,cost to mileage, and annual costs.

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6K, 18.5K and 30K Services Thread - 62 cents a mile...

Perhaps we can continue this thread. I asked owners to post what was on their service invoices and the prices they paid for all the items they encountered. It was very helpful to a lot of people.

Kent, I actually had all those numbers down, but I can't find the post right now.. I'll try it quick and dirty...

I put 22,500 miles on my 04 CC. I had the 6000K service at the dealship, $600.00 I had a license plate put on $200.00. My 18k service was $800.00 and my most recent service, fluids etc was $275.00. I use an excellent independent for the basic stuff...

Two sets of tires, $1,800.00. Insurance 1,200 annually or $3,600 YTD. I had my rims repainted to fix curb rash, $400.00...

I drive 6,000 a year... say I get 12 miles to the gallon...

Original clutch and pump...

Quick and dirty....

I am rounding up... $8000 in 39 months....on service and insurance...
22,500 miles divided by 12, 1,875 gallons at 3.00, so add another 5,625 say 6,000....

So it looks like I spent 14,000 in 39 months after buying the car...14,000....

Or $359 per month or 4,300.00 per year including gas and insurance...

Bottom LINE... It looks like it costs me .63 per mile to drive my baby....

Its worth every penny!!!

Lets see what others say...

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