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Hi all

Whilst out today i noticed a sudden change in exhaust note (more induction note probably) followed by a loss of torque (15%ish) in the lower part of the rev range, then the EOBD light flashed a couple of times, but then stayed off no matter how hard I pushed the car, still lacking power 2-4k revs but at the 4k revs the power picked up as if 'on cam' & seemed to pull fine all the way to the red line?

got home with light still remainig off, left the car to stand for 10 mins to see if it set itself rigth again, jumped in, started t up and the EOBD light is on constantly now :cry:

It's booked in for its 18,500 mile service on wednesday and the car has done 18,560.

is this likely to have caused problems going over by 60 miles? or am i just being paranoid?

are Maserati going to get funny about any warranty work for this lapse in mileage? or is there a % mileage tolrerance within the specified schedule?

Can someone try and put my mind at piece pleeeeeez, any suggestions on what the problem might be would be great also.....

Big Thanks

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