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Hello gang-

This request might be a little unusual. I'm contemplating a job change and seeking advice from those of you who may be living in these places. I am considering several cities, namely Dallas, Houston, Atlanta,

A little background - I'm early 40's, married and no kids
Currently live in Raleigh/Durham, NC
Work as a physician
seeking a good balance of urban/suburban life (maybe live in the burbs with city access)
Have a 2014 Maserati Granturismo:)

Assuming my job prospects are the same in all places:

What i seek to know is how do you like living there? do you find theres a value in the housing or too expensive?

Is it easy to drive/get around? especially in your exotic?

what are some of the downsides of where you live? hassles?

If you don't like where you live what other city would you consider?

I appreciate any insight members can give and I know this is open ended and there's a lot of intangibles.
Thanks in advance and feel free to pm if you choose.

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