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Screw San Francisco--$250 clutch burn...

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If you ever visit San Francisco take my advice and avoid Pacific Heights. I decided like an idiot to take Filmore St past Broadway. There is a massive hill....there was a Lexus in front of me whom I let get as far ahead of me as I could so I could hit the Stop Sign and roll over the top of the hill.....Mr Lexus decides to sightsee and take his time so get stuck 2 cars back from the Stop sign at an extreme angle. In first, I moved forward, the car sputtered, the wheels slipped, I heard the Clutch howl, and buck back and forth.....for the next 5 minutes all I could smell was CambioCorsa clutch burn....

I figure I took off about 500 miles of life in the clutch with that hill

Live and learn..
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San Francisco Hills

If you spend much time in the City, you learn to either (a) find routes to your destination that do not include the steep hills [this is possible] or (b) wait until you have a 100% clear shot at the top before starting up a block. This is usually possible in sparse-traffic situations.

One visitor asked me [at the top of the Jones Street "cliff"], "What do you do when it snows here?" I said, "Close your eyes and stay on the horn all the way down the hill, of course." :D
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