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Loving the forum - very helpful....anyway I've just bought an '03 Spyder cambiocorsa - and the only real prob i have so far is that i can't change the nav system in to English - at the mo. it barks at me in Italian. I ve read the manual but can't find any instructions on how to change languages.

Does anyone have any ideas ? thanks


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I posted this some time back - but here it is again '02 coupe also "spoke Italian" when I first got it. You have to use the Navtech CD and service menu to load a different language into the system. I had the dealer fax me the instructions for this - it takes about 20 minutes.
Here is the full procedure:

a...ignition turned off left round button to turn system on
c...wait for initial Maserati logo to turn off
d...immediately press 'Main' 'Enter'(right hand knob) and hold "Audio off" for 5 seconds '1' '2' '3' 'Enter'(right hand knob)
k...turn right knob until 'Service' is highlighted 'Enter'(right hand knob)
m... select 'Voice Recognition Language' from the menu by turning the right knob and pressing enter
n... select 'English' 'Enter', and follow the on screen prompts waiting for the procedure to finish

The procedure must be completed without delay between the individual stages, sequence of button pressing should take no longer than 10 seconds. If 'Service' menu is not displayed turn off the system and repeat the procedure (faster). If the information system is not equipped with the telephone function the 'Voice Recognition Language' will not be displayed in the menu.
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