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This was posted on the "Piston Heads" forum in the UK this morning. It's from an official letter to a forum member from Maserati. Subsequent posts indicate all 3200 cars could be affected. Advice is to call your local dealer for confirmation.

During ongoing quality assessment, it has been discovered that the steering rack sub-frame may develop a crack in the area of the two fixing points. Subsequently this could result in the steering rack becoming loose and a reduction of vehicle control. Potential early symptoms noticed by the driver could be vibrations, noise and unusual felling through the steering wheel. Maserati has therefore decided to conduct a Safety Recall Campaign in order to affect modification to the sub-frame.

As we consider this to be a potential safety risk it is very important that your vehicle is checked without delay. We would therefore ask you to contact your Official Maserati dealer as soon as possible to make arrangements for this work to be carried out.

This work will of course be carried out free of charge and your Official Dealer will ensure any other outstanding campaigns or product updates are carried out at the same time.


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