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Rubber Trim has ever teared?

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Have any one ever had there rubber seal around the doors rip or tear, I have had that happen to my 06 GS, and I'm not sure if this is a freak accident or something that happens frequently?
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See this

The '03 Spider I just bought has a small tear in the driver side gasket, for now I'll just fix it with some silicone gasket sealer as the replacement gasket is $1,700 from the dealer.
It should be about about $500.00. Mine is torn as well and I called the parts dept to get a quote.
Mine is coming off by the front of the driver's side kickplate. One member suggested I pull it forward and then try and push it back in but that didn't work. The dealer's 90 mis away so any other suggestions are appreciated.

Same problem about a year ago. They touched a bit of adhesive to a few spots and pushed it back in. You can most likely do this yourself. took the guy at the service center literally about 30 seconds.
Thx did you see how they pushed it back in? I have tried by hand to just pull and shove it in there, I'm in pretty decent shape and I can't seem to force it in. Did they use a tool to push under the kickplate?

On my car, that trim would slip in easily, but the first 2 feet would fall right back out when the door was opened. It may have an edge on it that keeps it in place, so you may have to tuck it under first then move inch by inch up to the end. I am very sure they didnt remove the aluminium plate or even use a tool, but didnt really stand over them.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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