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MVP said:
Maserati is just like any other car, posts like this make people even more scared to work on their own cars. If the car isn't throwing any lights, sounds like the ECU just needs to be reset. Also he never stated what year the Coupe was and if it's not under warranty it may be a waste of money to take it to the dealer and pay them to reset the ECU for you.
The point wasn't that he needed the ECU reset. The point was that these cars come with a very good electronic diagnostic and logging system on board, and if he is experiencing electronic related problems, at some point these will likely get back to the ECU. It stores much more than codes that will throw a check engine light, and thus this information is very useful in chasing down intermittent or inconsistent issues. If nothing else it will help rule some items out, which can be just as important as finding the actual source of the problem.

- Mark
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