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Eastern europeans are too much into german cars, for them performance isn't enough, doesn't represent their sexuality and so on.
I strongly believe italian exotic cars are for people with special taste. For me was love at first drive. A buddy of mine had one in 2007 and just from a couple of miles of driving the thing I said to myself : this is the one. A Neo of everything I drove until then. I'm sure an f430 or a lambo would be nice but would be too much for my pocket. Eventually I would settle for a GS model in a nice fast colour and a great interior, many argue about mine but I just love it, and I think for my age and my account that would be plenty rewarding.:D:D:D

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Italian cars in Romania

Hi, there are quite a few Italian cars in Romania, but they have suffered from the expensive costs of registering in Romania. It is true that most bring back VW and BMW from Germany, and France, some from Italy, often these are cars accident damaged and repaired. Mostly brought back by returning workers. Since during the last year I think it is easier to bring cars in but the emissions rating is a problem or duty is high to protect the Dacia?
There are modern Italian, Ferrari, Maser and Lambo, usually seem to be owned by the wealthy business people or the blacked out window guys!
I know there has been the odd older car found like a 3500 Maser last year, and a few Alfas 101 and 105 series.Lancia Aprilia on the site below.
When I was in Romania a couple of years ago I saw Alfa 75,33, Giulietta, 90,
and more Alfasuds than I saw last year in Italy! There are also quite a lot of old Fiats in good condition. Occasionally, things like Lancia Fulvia, which my friend said was bought new. But you would wonder how this happened under Communist times. There are also old USA cars of all ages and new Mustangs.
Many modern Fiats, Lancia Ypsilon and other models sold new.
Things are changing.
An interesting site is which has many for sale, "bursa" finds the adverts.
Also site - Masina Ro finds modern and some older for sale.
The interest is there but not as plentiful as UK and I am sure USA, few events with a small number but wide variety of cars.
In the other former communist country there are enthusiasts, but not so many cars, maybe only a few of modern exotica. It's mostly down to lack of wealth not lack of interest. Most people still earn a very small wage, maybe
200 to 300 $ a month, it would take a long time to buy any exotic.
They are countries with very wealthy people and the poorist.
Regards, John.
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