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Rim Repair

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Does anyone know if the polished aluminum rims on the vintage can be repaired? I accidently put about a 2 inch scratch/gash/gouge along the side right at the tire.

I have to say those aluminum rims are soft.
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I feel your pain! Those rims are butter soft

Check with your dealer - they may be able to repair, depending on the amount of damage.

I hit a pothole and dented the wheel. The dealer was able to repair for approx $200.

- Jon
I also had one of mine repaired for 150. They did a great job at Lake Forest Sports Cars.
Thanks, Ill sleep better knowing I dont have to look at that nick everytime I wash the car.

But....Do you guys have the Vintage rims? there is no paint on those, just polished aluminum.

I'd pay $ 150- 200 in a second.
My rims are not polished. They are the standard 15 spoke ones.

BTW, due to sidewall damage, I also had to replace the tire with a new one for another approx. $300.

- Jon
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