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Back from the abyss... not dead -- fully alive !!

In the market again... me and my daughter..
She like the SUV (I hate it) .. is it any good ??

Me ??

Back to a QP in the spring - I hope.
Need to hunt one up...

I hope the electric/battery issues are fixed-- any comments?

Like a recent year w/ low miles... and reasonable price --- next April / May
I have a ship coming in - again !!

Hope you're all well...
Adled Adler ?? any word ??

who else is still here ??


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I'll try again..... caught no fish last trip !!

Sorry about the name screw-up... made a mistake and can't fix it without a court order

Adled Adler---- dead? Alive?? MIA? a Bentley now ???
gone uptown on us

Macan S .... bought February '19
great deal
2016 -- 4500 miles after a 3 yr lease
NYC man....$50K

Almost - almost Maserati quality

Stupid buy - I am in the US only 3-4 months / year....not 3K miles yet

Hello to everyone still kicking
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