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Hiya folks,

This post is pretty much a Deja-Vu, as it has been discussed at lenght, but I'd rather give it a new twist.

Have been doing some work on the car over the week-end, and particularly checking on the central tunner cabling and mounts. Looking at the NIT, I wondered again about the long-standing discussion of NITs being the same in non-NAV/non-GSM enabled cars compared to those fully loaded. Maserati claims they are not the same units, and that seems to be the case... at least for the GSM (phone) option.

The Magneti Marelli NIT unit is shared by a good number of cars from the FIAT stable. Now, if you look at the following picture of a Coupe NIT

you will see 2 hooks on the upper left/right corners; one has a GRAY plastic female connector, the other is a plain metal hook.

Photo comes from an e-bay auction.

Those are the connectors for the aerials. The GRAY one corresponds to the GPS aerial, the one on the left (which has no female plastic connector) is the mount for the GSM aerial, which is missing (as in my car which has no OEM NAV). That left connector should host a GREEN PLASTIC on GSM-enabled NITs. No connector, thus no cabling coming from inside the NIT, arguably no GSM unit in the NIT (where to go?) and thus no phone functionality. The GRAY connector (which has nothing attached to if you don't have the NAV enabled... why would you need the antenna?) is there, suggesting (although I have not opened the NIT casing) that some cabling is present, and if anywhere it should be hooked to a GPS unit inside the NIT.

Bottom line: unless they just mount a plastic hook leading nowhere, there are indeed at least 2 NIT models, one GSM-ready, the other not. Interestingly, if you have handy a 2nd hand (say, salvaged) FIAT Stilo NIT (same unit as the Coupe) + the Maserati-specific firmware you should be able to make it to work... well, you would also need the security code to marry the NIT to the car.

Now I need to see how to get the NAV working, which I think needs the firmware (setup) NIT CD to be enabled by EEPROM flashing... alternative is to provide RGB input to the NIT. A friend in Italy has sent me the diagrams of the electronic circuitry to do a work-around job, but have no-one that would know how to assemble the circuitry :mad: It would enable a camcorder and DVD feed to the NIT, using the OEM screen. Thus, it would enable hooking-in an aftermarket NAV system. Or use the screen to watch your favorite movie whilst in a traffic jam :D

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