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Larini X-Pipe to the rescue!

PM'd you as well.

The Larini X-pipe is now a bolt in replacement for the stock resonator and x-pipe, it adds 7HP and retails for only $750. Combine this with the bolt-on mufflers and you have an unbeatable package which can be easily and inexpensively installed...

Here's the details straight from Larini!

Best Regards,
-- Jeff

** Our clever design ensures that with increasing revs the tone, note, and volume also increase. Decrease throttle opening, and volume levels reduce. Our system does have more volume than the original but it is not offensive, simply offering one of the most satisfying ‘tuned’ exhaust notes. Our free-flow pipe work-only arrangement allows torque and power gains while maintaining driveability. Fit and finish are better than original: -

- A Stainless Steel, 'fast road' use centre section back, from the cats back.

- Engineered for 'fast road' and 'normal road' use.

- Deliver an extra 7 bhp. approximately.

- Offers improved low/mid-range Torque.

- Offers much sharper throttle response.

- Engineered for optimal flow efficiency.

- Produces the sophisticated, ‘tuned’ authentic Larini 'Note' under acceleration when 'pressing on'.

- Produces a fantastic, subtle, aggressive ‘tone’ under acceleration, in keeping with the sporting image of Maserati.

- Offers a better quality sound across the rev range.

- Does not suffer from drone, resonance, 'boom' or vibration at idle or cruising speeds.

- Perfectly practical for everyday use.

- Constructed using aircraft grade T.304 Austenitic Stainless Steel.

- 100% Tig welding construction.

- Precision engineered for accurate fit. Requires no special procedures to fit.

Superior Sound - X-Pipe centre sections are ideal for dialling out excessive sound-frequency i.e. resonance, boom, or vibration. Acoustically, there will be no excessive bass amplification, which may be experienced by alternative pipework-only centre sections (with no merge points). Once fitted, a Larini ‘Sports’ Centre Section adds a subtle, aggressive 'tone' and then lifts the pitch at high rpm, so when matched with throttle opening it develops a beautiful sound under acceleration. It really is just one of the most satisfying 'tuned' exhaust notes.

More Power - On the rolling road our free flow design gives an extra 7 bhp.

This careful tuning of gas-flow velocity rates and backpressure levels, via manipulation of internal diameters, the merge points and expansion points, produces the ultimate effect - expelled exhaust gasses are now rapidly ‘sucked’ away from the engine, increasing efficiency and boosting performance. This product offers an Hp and significant torque gain as gas outflow rates are manipulated more effectively. Once fitted you will feel the difference.

Our set up is VASTLY freer flowing in comparison to the standard item. Our Centre Section is 70% lighter than the stock item.

Ease of Fit - Our 'Sports' Centre Section fits perfectly to the cats and mounting points, requiring no special produces or modifications to the car.
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