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For Jason at Enzos..

Clear some rumors up first...
1. Check suspension light has nothing to do with battery voltage. If you get the light, you have to replace the sensor.
2. Any good 3 pin vertical sensor will make the light go out... Even if its a LH sensor from a non GT Maserati. I think mine came from a 2010 and my GT is a 2016. $15. from ebay...

I jacked up the right side, wheel still on the car, turned the wheel full left, unscrewed the wheel liner by the connecton, disconnected the old one - didnt even bother removing it from the car (see pics).

Took the $15. dollar sensor, broke off the metal bracket, put a zip tie around it and stuffed it behind the wheel liner along with the old connector that didn't get removed. Put the screw back on - check suspension light out... no RH stiff coilover.

Vertical sensor can't trigger if it ain't bouncing up and down. It kinda a unless sensor IMO.

Keep that suspension light off - Everything works as normal...
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