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Just an FYI for future refence. You will find past posts where people suggest drilling out the center to replace this emblem. Don't do that!!!!
First of all it's a Maserati (Don't drill anything) and secondly, these emblems are quite heavy, too heavy for just double sided tape.

It is time consuming to do it right, but not all that hard.

This is the passenger side, but both sides are similar.

1) Jack up the car
2) Remove Wheel
3) Remove Wheelwell Liner
4) On Passenger side, remove bolts on fluid tank so you can push to the side. There are large hose coming into it that just pulls out. There is also and black metal plate bolted in front of it.
5) Remove small nut behind the logo
6) Use fishing line (Powerpro (Braded) is best not to scratch paint) to work behind logo to detach the double sided tape.
7) Wear shoes and don't drop the old one on your toe :) Ouch!


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