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Just my $ 0.02 , but purely for indoors the Maserati branded covers are not worth the price difference …unless you want to “showcase” the car at all times, even when covered in the garage .
The sources you mentioned ( and there p is also Cover King ) should have a pretty good selection, and I believe most offer “semi-custom“ covers which fit fairly well. Can’t remember where I got mine, I have both an indoor dust cover, and an outdoor one , both “ semi-custom“ cut , but I’ll look to see if there is a brand on them. They were quite inexpensive ( as I vaguely recall ) ...I bought them many years ago so my memory is not serving me well at the moment . The outdoor cover is multi-layer with a very soft lining, the indoor cover is just one layer, the same fabric inside / outside, and although it’s soft it’s not as soft as the lining of the outdoor cover .
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