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Anyone have any good info on raising the redline on our cars? I know with different cams and internals, the Ferrari goes to 8500 (which I have to assume is conservative and could probably go up a little higher).

I now have a full Fabspeed exhaust (cat bypass, x-pipe, rear mufflers) and you can see on the dyno chart below, the torque curve has changed significantly.

With the chart showing increasing power all the way up to redline, I am now wondering how conservative our redline is, and what might be gained by raising it.

I know FD has done some testing on chips, any thoughts on performance gains with a higher redline and how high we can safely go?

Engine has 63,000 miles on it and is driven aggressively on a daily basis.


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Raising the redline alone will not produce any more power. It will allow the motor to spin faster but as you can see there is no more power or torque at the higher rpm. Power starts declining at 7200 rpm, Torque starts declining at 6200 rpm. So it's better to get to the next gear and back in the power band unless your goal is to lengthen gears for better shift points or to simply raise your top speed. Some tuners offer this, I've heard 500 rpm more is still safe, but it's more of a gimmick that a true benefit.

I can produce a module which will de-restrict the factory over-rev protector and let you rev as high as you like. I don't recommend it though.

Usually you want to make a change in the motor that allows it to make more power at a higher rpm, then raise the limits... this may have been what you were suggesting. Generally that's going to involve a significant change, lightening internals. We don't have an easy inexpensive solution to this... it's just about spending gobs of money on, cam regrinding, lightened pistons, rods, valves, etc...

If you're wanting more power, forced-induction is the next step, or simply dropping in an F430 motor, assuming that it's possible ( I haven't researched this ).

We have another customer interested in forced induction... we may get the project going next month... no promises but we may take it to the next level.

We should be able to get some more power out of this setup by tuning, you have made a significant change to your exhaust and as a result may benefit from an improved fuel mixture. We are working with one customer on this project now, I'll keep you posted on our results.
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