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Hi all,

new here, great forum with lots of usefull info. Glad to join.

I am planning to buy a second hand Maserati coupe 4200 GT MY 03. Unfortunately I had a chance to test drive only a Coupe with normal suspension but have been told that Skyhook suspension is far more comfortable when driving on bumpy roads. So please does anyone have any experience comparing normal and Skyhook suspension? Is it worth considering this optional feature?
Many thanks for your help and have a nice day,
Jani Lunar

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My 2 Lira:

I have Skyhook & wouldn't consider it particularly comfortable, even in normal mode-- it is average in terms of comfort. Also, I don't notice a huge difference in the suspension between the normal & sport modes. I recall magazine reviews with the standard suspension that considered it good. Plus you'd have less to worry about in the future (the skyhook suspension will be more expensive to repair in the long run compared with a standard suspension). I'd go ith the car if it has everything else you're looking for.

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