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Kreissieg Exhaust for GranSport

So I've been researching aftermarket exhaust for GranSports. Really nothing wrong with stock Tubi.

Larini is nice, but wondering if anyone here has the Kreissieg Cat-back Exhaust installed.

Link to their site:

Click on "videos" button for sight and sounds.

Kreissieg system is very expensive ($5500!), however, it offers an advantage that I've yet to see on other aftermarket GSport exhausts. It has an active valve control similar to stock system (other aftermarket systems are fixed, and always loud. So pressing your "Sport" button doesn't do anything to exhaust tone).

Using a cabin mounted switch, you can bypass the muffler chamber altogether. I've also been told that you can use your existing 'Sport' button to control the bypass. So its loud and open when you want it to be, and quiets down on command (think driving home at night and not wanting to wake up the kids).

So does anyone have this? Are there other aftermarket systems with valve control?
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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