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i had an awesome brabus tuned 520hp E55 and now i have the QP sort GT...

guidelines for parking.

you get almost no respect at valet in the benz.
but forget about parking a QP on the street. or in crowded garages.
valet the QP ...always front and center.

if you can.. get the QP if ur not too anal about door dings, curb rash or bumper kisses... get the Benz.

128 Posts
-fast and attractive understated, park it anywhere.
-boring interior no option... black only.
-the shifting buttons on the steering wheel were a cool idea , but annoying b/c as the steering wheel turned you had to keep track of what side + and - were on. At 100+ mph downshifting at the worng time could hurt the engine. and even looking down at the steering wheel takes ur attention off the road.
-i enjoyed the supercharger w/Brabus software upgrade it was loud and it sounded like a stock 65 engine. previous to the upgrade i felt that the esound was a typical benz sound (nothing to write home about) like a kitty cat.
-the air ride is nice, yet i hardly noticed any difference from the diff. sport modes.
-as far as speed, the car was scary fast, untouchable on the road, i had 19" HRE's with goodyear Eagle f1 GSD3's and i went through them very quick. I ran 19x10 in the rear and turning at high speeds was amazing.


-fast and sexy revoulutionary design, attention whore
-interior very comfortable (i'm 5'9") simple straight foward
- i don't mind the gear box, live the paddle shift (use it everyday)
-even before i installed Tubi I loved the stock SPGT sound it roars like a Tiger
-the standard double paned glass is great !
-i think that even though Maserati QP has 400hp it is equally as fast as E55 and new M5 in terms of 0-60 or 0-100
- I enjoy the handling/ suspension of the QP especially the radical difference between the sport and nonsport mode. You really feel it.
- I am running some aggresive 20" HRE's (20x11 rear) with Mich Pilot Sport tires and a squeaky tire is a happy tire!
-VERY Fast at 100 the car really gets comfortable.

AMG’s 5.4-litre supercharged V8, puts out 469bhp with a monstrous 516lb ft of torque at just 2650rpm, the engine revs limited to 6500rpm.
Maserati’s normally aspirated 4.2-litre V8 relies on revs to achieve its 400bhp at 7000rpm and 333lb ft at 4500rpm, and sprints easily to 7500rpm red line and cut-out.

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