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Quattroporte Royale for sale

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We have a Royale for sale. The car is in Holland. I've tried to place an ad in the Market section but that doesn't work.
The car is very good. The owner has passed away and we are helping his widow to sell the cars. This one comes out of his collection and is together with a "new" Biturbo the last one for sale.

Take a look at our website and let me know if you have questions. Give me some time to respond. I'm not a cardealer.

The body has been restored, glass was taken out, rust was cut out and replaced with new metal, so no paintspray etc anywhere. It can not be seen that the car has been repainted. Color used was original one.

We have a new set of wooden panels for the interior. The wood in this car is perfect but the transparent paint has cracked for some reason.

The minor things left can be sorted out by the Maserati expert if you want, rear light lense, badges, doorhandle, professional cleaning of engine etc.

One of only 55 built and LHD. Car is in Holland at 120 km form Brussels airport. We can arrange a licenced expert or you can send your own. This is a good car. It is parked / serviced in the garage of a Maserati / Ferrari expert. It has been driven and is still being driven to keep it in good condition. Try to find a better one! Try to find one.......


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