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I watched the market for a few months in Jan/Feb 2006, which at the time was about £55-60k for a 2004 QP. Now the market for the same is around £50-55k. I calculated that I would be loosing 10-12k per annum, but like you say, its been less than this.

The two reasons I would suggest are that there are many buyers on the sidelines, which will keep the entry price relatively firm. The new entry model QP is likely to be more expensive rather than less expensive (move from Ferrari to Alfa camp allows move up in price range).

I wouldn't think there are going to be big gaps appearing in the next 2 years, but a steady decline. You could wait for the new QP in 2007, which will bring some new stock to the market, but as before the demand is higher than supply for the entry (2004 models), so might only affect 2005/6 prices, not 2004.

I don't think that a Coupe is the same market as an QP despite the engine. QPs is an executive car and "family" sports cars (people that need four doors).

- Toffe
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