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sjn2004 said:
I'm still pondering buying a QP here in the UK. I've been watching the prices over the last 3 -4 months closely and nothing has really moved downwards. A while back, the doomsters predicted that the Qp was a depreciation pit, however from what I'm seeing they are anything but. Black cars seem very rare on the secondhand market and the cheapest I can find are 60K.

If I go ahead and buy, I'll be financing the purchase, what % residuals/balloons are being offered in the UK?

Why don't you wait on the new Coupe coming out next year? You get the QP looks with 2 doors and perhaps a more powerful motor.

Unless its a family sedan you're looking for, in that case, you can find a lot of great condition used models but I recommend you look for a 2006+ model as this is the year that they updated their tranny's and solved a lot of their engine probs... I used to have an '05 with the wobbly shifts, and engine failure warnings at least once a month - and the temperature gauge skyrocketing towards the redzone ...

Sold it to my dealer for a buy-back contract as soon as the '06 models were released and paid the difference.. Its pretty good since I managed to get the '06 for £10,000 with the trade-in... My '05 quickly found a new home I believe so I guess thats why they were pretty generous on the buy-back value since they had already found a buyer.

Great thing was, until my new '06 was ready (insurance, registration, etc..), they gave me a 4200 GranSport for a week and a bit to play around with!
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