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saw your post on fchat but why bother answering on there. you are at the right place.

Quattro is better than Quattroporte in winter. ;)
S8 is better than QP in inclement weather.

it just doesnt feel as safe on a RWD in wet weathers compare to quattro.

even if you can drive your QP safely with snow tires and all out and get around town, WHY? if your neighbourhood is filled with $100k winter cars then go for it. it just doesnt feel safe with careless drivers with winter beaters that are worth less than your QP's picnic tables.

if winter driving is your concern, i would recommend going for the S8. their B&O sound system seems great!

if you don't mind garaging your QP for a few months, go for it.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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