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Quattroporte in winter?

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The lease on the A8L is coming to an end in a few months and am now thinking about its replacement.

Of course the S8 and the S550 are the usual suspects, but the QP remains such an intriguing option for me that I HAVE to consider it seriously - especially finding out that it takes 4 1/2 to 5 months to order one.

I live in the northeastern US which means inclement weather is just part of the equation in winter. We do have an SUV that my wife drives and other summer driven cars that do not get driven in the winter months, so another "good weather only" car is out of the question.

I always buy a set of snow tires for my daily drivers so that's what I'd do too if I did go with a QP.

Does anyone have any experience driving the QP in winter? More specifically, driving the car in snow when equipped with snow tires? The A8L has proven to be great in winter and I know I'll miss the surefootedness of the Quattro if I don't get the S8, but I've owned RWD cars before so that's not a big concern. I'm sure many of our European friends take their QP to the Alps or Garmisch in the wintry months, but for some reason, I find the idea of a Maserati a slightly different proposition than a BMW, Audi or Mercedes-Benz; hence the probably stupid question.

Any input, experience and comment would be appreciated.
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saw your post on fchat but why bother answering on there. you are at the right place.

Quattro is better than Quattroporte in winter. ;)
S8 is better than QP in inclement weather.

it just doesnt feel as safe on a RWD in wet weathers compare to quattro.

even if you can drive your QP safely with snow tires and all out and get around town, WHY? if your neighbourhood is filled with $100k winter cars then go for it. it just doesnt feel safe with careless drivers with winter beaters that are worth less than your QP's picnic tables.

if winter driving is your concern, i would recommend going for the S8. their B&O sound system seems great!

if you don't mind garaging your QP for a few months, go for it.
We have several customers who drove their QPs and Coupes throughout the winter.. in Minnesota.

Here is our trick - to keep the Sport 19" wheels, we put front wheels on the rears as well, and then outfit snow tires on all four. Our customers use these cars as daily drivers, year round, and this has been the best combination we've found for QPs.

I personally have driven both Coupes and Quattroportes in the snow with proper snow tire set-ups and they work great. Certainly not as good as a Quattro Audi, but it also is no worse than a BMW or Merc RWD car with snow tires.

- Mark
QP in the snow !

My QP sport was equipped with the 18" wheels and Pirelli Sotto Zeroes last winter and did get stuck going uphill with light snow and the ice mode with my wife driving! I still think that much BPH along with the toe in is not right for winter conditions. During the last major snow storm here in the NE last year I did manage to smash my 2003 Jeep Cherokee with all wheel drive and snow tires when I hit an unplowed lane doing 40-50 mph so nothings full proof!

06 QP sport
06 GS spyder
06 GS coupe
In my country, too bad weather. Sorry for this machine to use in bad weather, so I use a good zinc machines that are designed for humid climates. Yes, yes, it's BMW.
cool. always look forward to your posts.
I'm also in NJ. I wouldn't drive this QP in the winter even if it "could". Especially after last year's winter.

I plan on getting a beater here within the next couple weeks. And by beater, i mean a later model A4 or 3 series... or M35x or something like that, that I can drive into the ground.

Good luck - the QP sure is a head turner though when compared to the A/S 8 or 550 what are a dime a dozen around here though.
I sometimes think that I have driven more on ice and snow than anything else. I love a RWD but it is impossible for me to use in wintertime. FWD is necessary for me in winter, so I have to put Maserati in the garage. I drive a Alfa Romeo 166 during winter, and dream of a QP V. Picture of a AR 166 and a Maserati QP V with winter tires, they are at least related...


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My QP is the best car in winter amongst all that I've owned. I switch to the SottoZero (19" in my case), a step which is completely necessary and a big difference. It's a heavy car, which is an advantage, and there's enough weight on the rear wheels that traction is pretty good.

I'd originally intended to buy a 2nd car for snow but was impressed enough by the QP that I didn't. Still haven't. I'm careful not to put it in too much snow however.
I drove my QP sport GT last winter with no issues. Bought an 18" rim and tire package from tire rack and never looked back.

I've had an A4 and last car was an M3 and never had any issues. Just have to drive accordingly.
I say do it. But do it smartly. Buy a set of 4 front wheels, in the smallest size that will fit your calipers, and 4 matching snow tires. If you drive smart, and don't try to "Baja" it, you will be golden in all but the worst weather(like 10 inches of snow in the road).

If you have to have AWD, and a large sedan, then you can pick from a host of models. The new BMW B7 Alpina is AWD and you can also get an AWD 750Li, an A8, S550(which is 430hp now), and the Flying Spur. Unless something has changed recently, the S8 is no longer available in the US.

My neighbor replaced his 750il with a QP two years ago and has been using it daily since, winter included.

And we all know how Canadian winters can be. His wife drives a Range Rover :)
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