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Quattroporte III experiences.

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Hello All.

I'm really a vintage Porsche guy, but I recently saw a beautiful Quattroporte III with 21,000 miles for sale... and it got me thinkin'.

I love the classic Giugiaro design (inside and out) and it's VERY affordable, but I'm well aware of the potential downside - costly repairs and maintenence headaches.

I know how to buy a classic car (pre purchase inspection...) but was wondering if anyone here has any experience owning one of these? How is it to live with? Terrible gas mileage I suspect... but what about reliability and repairs?

Thanks for any help.

By the way, I have absolutely NO interest in the new Qporte.
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although i have not owned a quatroporte (or as yet any Maserati) I should imagine the Quatroporte is more reliable and cheaper / easier to maintain than the later Biturbo cars.

I see no reason why a properly maintained quatroporte is any less reliable than any other car from its era.
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