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The headlights on my Quattroporte seem to set themselves OK, but there is a secondary pool of light just a few feet in front of the car which detracts from the effectiveness of the lights, and I can't see any purpose to it. My wife's Saab has bi-xenons and do not have this feature and are far more effective. Does anyone know if this is normal or do I need to get them checked. This only happens with dipped beam by the way.

Also, I can't seem to work out how to search the SIM phone memory using the built in GSM phone. If I input the first letter of the name on the right hand side of the screen, the phone book on the left flashes, but doesn't search for names starting with that letter. The only way to search through 200 or more phone numbers is to scroll down from the top every time, which wouldn't be acceptable on even the cheapest "pay as you go" phone out there.

Any help much appreciated
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