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quattroporte experience

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Hi guys,

some of you owners must be put quite a lot of miles to your qp. Whats your likes and dislikes about the QP ? please share your opinions.

Owned a 3200gt.. recently I test drove the QP and I love it. Very powerful and comfortable and thinking seriously to buy one.

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Only had mine a month, but done a few hundred miles already so probably qualified to answer. The ride is quite bumpy on unperfect roads, but you have to remember its a five seater sports car, not a limousine, and you get used to it. The auto is crap, but once you're moving the manual setting is great, and changes are fast and smooth. The performance is fantastic, so is the handling, and its the best looking five seater car on the market (how many other four door saloons get photographed by passers by?) The interior is also real class, and the info and sound system are great, except the seat controls for the comfort seats should be on the dash where you can see them, and the phonebook doesn't search properly (on my car at least). The boot is small for the size of the car, but who cares.

The big problem as far as I'm concerned is pulling off in first gear. I think I've worked out why its so bad. The electro-hydraulic gearbox completely disengages at rest in first gear, and there is a highly noticable powerband at just over 2,000 revs. When you hit the throttle the engine revs momentarily before the clutch engages, so when it does engage you get a bit of a jolt forward. The load on the engine then sends the revs below 2,000, so the acceleration is a bit flat until it hits the powerband and takes off again. The result is stop, go, stop, go, and it happens even under modest acceleration. On a conventional manual you allow for all this by varying the revs and the friction on the clutch depending on how fast you want to pull off. The EM gearbox does not allow you to do this. You can definately adapt your driving to mitigate the problem, but you can't avoid it alltogether. Its not enough to make me regret buying the car, and I would't have changed my decision even knowing it, so I guess it can't be that big a problem, but I do consider it a real drawback. Can't say whether any of the software mods will improve it. Before anyone suggests it may be the "hill start" feature causing the problem, it happens well after the break is released.

Other than that its a wonderful chunk of iron, and I think its also pretty good value (in UK) for such a well finished, high performance and exclusive car.
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By coincidence , I had already booked my QP into the dealer today for the latest software upgrades, so I'll let everyone know whether the situation is improved. Apparently they need the car for a week!
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