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quattroporte experience

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Hi guys,

some of you owners must be put quite a lot of miles to your qp. Whats your likes and dislikes about the QP ? please share your opinions.

Owned a 3200gt.. recently I test drove the QP and I love it. Very powerful and comfortable and thinking seriously to buy one.

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In my mind, some of the hesitation is due to the park hold feature on the brakes. The brake will hold for a couple of seconds if held down hard. That leads to some jerkiness on start off. I find the sport mode is best for the transmission, strange for L.A. traffic. My biggest dislike is not having an integrated phone. Mine didn't come with one. I did install my Ipod. I think the sound system isn't as good as the one on my BMW, but maybe its just me. The Bose doesn't have many controls to adjust. Even in Los Angeles, I have yet to see another QP. I was just in London and Paris and didn't see any there either. I was beginning to think I have the only one in the world.
Mike Tichon
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